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Presidential Kush Cabana Pre-roll 1 gram

taste & smells like:

Earthy, Citrus, Pine

feels like:

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy



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Buy Presidential Kush Cabana Pre-rolls by LTRMN online today!  Cabana Pre-rolls contain the highest grade cannabis flower on the market, and are packaged with red-cedar lined tubes that effectively preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids in weed.  This allows for full spectrum effects along with the tastiest cannabis connoisseur experience.  Presidential Kush (a.k.a. Presidential OG) is an indica weed strain that packs a regal punch.  Born from a cross of OG Kush and the always tasty Bubble Gum, this strain packs some serious pine flavor with hints of citrus and earth as it delivers a relaxing high.  Expect your eyelids to get heavy as this pre-roll works its magic and tackles your insomnia!  Presidential Kush Cabana pre-rolls are available online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.