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Delta Mantra

*Chill Relief & Happiness* ~ Pre-roll 6-pack

24% 18% 13%
Hybrid, Indica Hybrid
taste & smells like:

Earthy, Sweet, Berry

feels like:

Happy, Relaxed, Relief



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Buy Chill Relief Happiness pre-rolls online today!  Life doesn’t have just one mood, so why would you pick a pre-roll pack that only caters to one?  Delta Mantra is hooking you up with 3 styles of half gram pre-rolled joints for 3 different aspects of daily life!  Looking for a pick me up?  Spark up a Triple Berry OG pre-roll and let positive thoughts swirl around your mind.  When you most need relief, whether it be mental or physical, turn to the 24% Grease Monkey.  Finally, take your mind off of your responsibility and focus on enjoying some serious relaxation with a couple of tasty Dutch Treat pre-rolls.  Whatever you’re looking for in a high, Delta Mantra can help get you there with this diverse selection of effects.  Chill Relief Happiness pre-rolls are available to order online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.



Delta Mantra was founded with a passion for the way we live our lives, and compassion for the people who use our products.  Simply stated, we believe it is vital that what we do is intimately connected to how we do it.  It’s this philosophy that has guided us in pursuing an environmentally conscious approach to high quality cannabis production. We put responsibility before opportunity, and always choose people over profits.

Sustainability comes from our organic no till, living soil and compost teas.  Our nutrients are brewed in house with organic compost teas and sugars.  We are able to carry out multiple harvests throughout the year while recycling our soil and nutrients; therefore cutting back on water consumption.

Through terpene testing our Delta Mantra flower, we’ve curated five unique categories that fit the ever-changing mantras for your life:

Elevate, Chill, Happiness, Create, and Relief.  Choose your mantra and elevate your life.


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