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Delta Mantra

Alien Surfer Cookies

taste & smells like:

Earthy, Sour, Citrus

feels like:

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted


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Buy Alien Surfer Cookies online today!  This top shelf flower from Delta Mantra showcases their commitment to cultivating quality cannabis!  Alien Surfer Cookies is a hybrid weed strain that you can only find from Delta Mantra.  As their proprietary strain, its required a ton of work for them to create a stable, well-flowering cross of the classic hybrid GSC and Alien Dawg.  The result’s been a heavy hitting strain that you can enjoy any time of day.  The euphoric sense of relaxation calms your body and mind while adding a positive lift to your psyche.  With such a wild name, you can be sure you’re getting a wild range of flavors!  The aroma hits strong notes of sour citrus fruits, while the taste is more on the sweet, earthy side of things.  The immense amount of flavor is well complimented by the strong cerebral and body highs that are uplifting enough to get you past anything.  Several smokers choose to use this strain to help treat body aches and pains as well as stimulate appetite.  Pick up some today and experience cerebral joy and physical relief!  Alien Surfer Cookies is available to order online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.



Delta Mantra was founded with a passion for the way we live our lives, and compassion for the people who use our products.  Simply stated, we believe it is vital that what we do is intimately connected to how we do it.  It’s this philosophy that has guided us in pursuing an environmentally conscious approach to high quality cannabis production. We put responsibility before opportunity, and always choose people over profits.

Sustainability comes from our no till, living soil and compost teas.  Our nutrients are brewed in house with compost teas and sugars.  We are able to carry out multiple harvests throughout the year while recycling our soil and nutrients; therefore cutting back on water consumption.

Through terpene testing our Delta Mantra flower, we’ve curated five unique categories that fit the ever-changing mantras for your life:

Elevate, Chill, Happiness, Create, and Relief.  Choose your mantra and elevate your life.


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