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Sunset Sherbet Live Resin

Indica Hybrid
taste & smells like:

Earthy, Sweet, Citrus

feels like:

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed



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Buy Sunset Sherbet live resin online today!  Viola continues their trend of producing amazing concentrates with this fresh live resin.  Also known as Sherbert and Sherbet, this strain has gained a ton of popularity in recent years.  Originally bred by Mr. Sherbinski, this indica-dominant hybrid originally came from a cross of the ultra-popular hybrid GSC and the indica weed strain, Pink Panties.  While the indica qualities definitely take on a dominant role, you still get a solid burst of energy from this sweet treat.  While your mind elevates, your body will experience some dream-like relaxation.  Use this strain to help manage any body aches or stress that you may experience at the end of the day.  Sunset Sherbet live resin is available online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.