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Sugar Cookies Oil Cartridge 1/2 gram

Indica Hybrid
taste & smells like:

Sweet, Berry, Tropical

feels like:

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted



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Buy Sugar Cookies oil cartridges online today!  These half gram cartridges from Bezel come packed with some great high-THC distillate and 10% terpenes!  Sugar Cookies is a hybrid weed strain that leans towards the more relaxing indica side of the spectrum.  While this strain does have “cookies” in the name, it is one of the few without any relation to GSC.  This strain was actually born from a threeway cross of Crystal GayleBlue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star.  These strains lend a heavy relaxation, great for finishing off your night and beginning a lovely night of rest.  With the ease and flexibility of a cartridge, quickly puff your way to a blissful, calm experience.  Sugar Cookies oil cartridges are available online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.

*Vaporizing is the innovative wave of the future for the cannabis industry.  Our Oil Cartridges offer a convenient and discreet way to deliver concentrated cannabinoids to your system.  Rather than inhaling combusted plant matter like conventional methods of smoking, vapor is consumed by activating the battery powered heating element.  Simply, by taking no more than a 6 second pull from the cartridge, and exhaling softly.  The result is a tasty, scentless, vapor from the highly concentrated cannabis distillate.*