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Karma Originals

Obama Kush Moon Dust

Indica Hybrid
taste & smells like:

Earthy, Sweet, Fruity

feels like:

Euphoric, Happy, Rejuvenated



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Buy Obama Kush Moon Dust online today!  Moon Dust from Karma Originals is a great way to kick any bowl, joint, or blunt up to the next level.  Moon Dust is that mouthwatering, powdery kief you collect in your grinder, but with none of the wait or hassle!  This unique indica strain appropriately channels the former President’s famous message of ‘Change’ as it invigorates and inspires.  Daughter of indica Afghani and mostly sativa hybrid OG Kush, Obama Kush sets itself apart from other indicas through its cerebral stimulation and euphoric rush.  This strain is recommended for all levels of smokers looking for a balanced experience, as it offers powerful physical effects as well as an intense cerebral uplift that does not stimulate appetite or put you to sleep.  Obama Kush Moon Dust is available online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.