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Island Sweet Skunk Dip Stick 1.25 gram

taste & smells like:

Skunky, Sweet, Tropical

feels like:

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy



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Buy Island Sweet Skunk Dip Sticks by Karma Originals online today, a sativa concentrate infused pre-roll!  These joints are rolled with flower of incredible quality, dipped in carefully extracted Rosin oil, and rolled all over in fine kief.  Great for group sessions and celebrations!

Island Sweet Skunk Flower ~ 26.80% THC, 26.80% Total Cannabinoids

Citrus Sap Rosin Oil ~ 54.65% THC, 68.51% Total Cannabinoids

Cinex Kief ~ 22.86% THC, 25.37% Total Cannabinoids

This tropical sativa weed strain is the perfect adventure companion.  Smokers all over flock to this strain due to the enjoyable buzz of energy it provides.  Along with getting you up and going, this flower is often praised for the positive state of mind it will leave you in.  The famous Skunk #1 is responsible for the genetics of this strain, however, this variation has a much sweeter taste and smell.  This strain is excellent for dealing with feelings of lethargy, depression, and anxiety.  Expect lasting energy and euphoria to improve your day no matter where you light up! Island Sweet Skunk Dip Sticks are available online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.