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Willamette Valley Alchemy

Future Shatter

taste & smells like:

Sweet, Berry, Citrus

feels like:

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted



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Buy Future shatter online today!  We’ve got some incredible looking shatter from Willamette Valley Alchemy in-stock!  Future is a hybrid weed strain that is so great there’s no way it’s hard to believe it’s from the present.  An incredible mix of GG4 and Starfighter, this concentrate is geared to deliver swift euphoria.  While medical users tend to choose this strain for nausea and depression, it is great for anyone looking for an uplifting daytime smoke.  In concentrate form, you can expect flavors of citrus and berry with earthy undertones.  Future shatter is available in-store at Diem Cannabis Dispensary, as well as online for free weed delivery in both Salem and Portland, Oregon.