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Blueberry Bubble Gum Oil Cartridge 1/2 gram

taste & smells like:

Sweet, Berry, Blueberry

feels like:

Creative, Happy, Giggly



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Buy Blueberry Bubble Gum oil cartridges online today!  Remember Violet, the chewing gum connoisseur from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Well, if Willy Wonka had a pot shop, she would’ve been all over this amazing oil cartridge from Buddies!  Blueberry Bubble Gum (a.k.a. Bubbleberry) packs just as much flavor as you’d expect with a name like that!  This strain hits pretty close to the middle of the road, but may have a slight indica influence.  Blueberry and Bubble Gum come together to provide a sublime sense of happiness and really serves to brighten your mood.  The flavor off of this cartridge is extremely fruity and sweet and will make you happier just tasting it!  Blueberry Bubble Gum oil cartridges are available to order online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.