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*Apricot Helix Live Resin*

taste & smells like:

Earthy, Apricot, Fruity

feels like:

Euphoric, Relaxed, Blissful



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Buy Apricot Helix live resin online today!  Just as we’ve all come to expect, this run of Buddies live resin is incredibly smooth and flavorful.  This wild, hard to come by strain is a unique treat, combining a natural earthy tone with the taste of fresh apricot jam!  Apricot Helix is a rare hybrid weed strain with a somewhat complex genetic history.  The mother plant is a cross of 707 Headband and SFV OG and the father was a God Bud plant.  That cross led to a high that is predominantly felt in the body, but the headband feeling still comes across.  This strain comes in handy when you are feeling a little dragged down by the weight of the world.  The unique flavor and experience will uplift your body and mind and send you on a blissful, lengthy high.  Apricot Helix live resin is available to order online for free weed delivery in Portland, Oregon.