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Welcome to Magnificent Mondays everyone! We've got a magnitude of products on 15% OFF SALE today!

Whether you're still recovering from your rockin' weekend, or just not stoked about the week ahead - don't worry, We've Got You!

ALL VAPORIZERS, FLOWER ($10/gram or less) & DIEM FARMS PRE-ROLLS are 15% OFF! Enjoy!

Delivery Hours:
MON-FRI = 11:30am-7:30pm, SAT/SUN = 11am-7:30pm
Order before 7:30PM to receive products on same day/evening.
Menu prices reflect MEDICAL/pre-tax prices.
FREE DELIVERY ~ Every Diem Day!
Delivery gratuity is greatly appreciated!
We CANNOT deliver to: Hotels, dorms, or businesses. Please call to inquire about receiving a delivery.

DELIVERY MINIMUM: $30 minimum (or $50 minimum depending on distance from our office).
DELIVERY AREA: Free weed delivery is currently available (to residential addresses only): 1) West of 122nd Ave in East Portland 2) East of Olin Ave, Newman Ave, Chautauqua Ave in North Portland and 3) North of Taylors Ferry Rd, Spring Garden St, Multonomah Blvd, Garden Home Rd and East of 65th and Scholls Ferry Rd in Southwest Portland!


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